Query Bound

Sex, Bugs & UFOs

(This is just a mockup but it sets the tone and gives you a taste of what's to come.)

Who is The Lone Monkey?


Morrissey always felt that the world didn’t fit him quite right. Two sizes too big or two sizes too small, he couldn’t be sure. All he knew was that planet Earth pinched him in all the wrong places. When he’s coerced back into business by a weaselly ex-colleague from Britain’s UFO Hotline, he slowly begins to understand why.


The investigation of a cold case suddenly gets hotter with the death of a disturbed old woman with mysterious links to alien phenomena. As the questions about her past begin piling up, Morrissey reluctantly enlists the aid of a shifty tabloid journalist who has surprising insights into all things extraterrestrial. Together they uncover clues that paint a target on Morrissey’s back big enough to attract the sights of an unstable UFO conspiracy theorist, a cunning galactic bounty hunter, and a vicious terrorist for hire and his surly band of mercenaries.


Morrissey’s star-tripping journey takes him from the grey streets of London to the fetid streets of Phonsekka Prime, from the lurid nightclubs of JuHu Station to the hostile wastelands of a planet called Chyll. Tangled in the folds of hyperspace, he will confront a mystery that could untie the universe and turn the idea of who he is and where he belongs on its head.


The adventure is only a hop, skip and a hyperspace jump away… 

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